We provide one-stop casting solutions for all kinds of components used in diverse industries,we provide design service for your products fabricated which are suitable to be re-designed into castings,aim for cost reduction.

By casting,it enhances the integral strength,making your components be stronger,by professional structure design,it saves material,reduces weight and the amount of processes,you can obviously benefit with total cost saving and the convenience of purchasing.

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Typical raw material fabricated like S235j2g3,S355j2g3,can be replacable by alloy carbon steel GS20Mn5 or GS30Mn5,BS3100 A4 or A6 to make it by investment casting or sand casting,Iron cast materials QT450 or QT500 are also commonly applicable for general use,irons are normally cheaper than alloy steel,but elongation is not as well as alloy carbon steel.

We provide one-stop solution for manufacturing your components at a right way which is also economical and reasonable based on your application and amount,by professional service and extensive skill,we provide risk free door to door supply for all kinds of metal components

We are estabilishing warehouse in Dallas USA,to serve customers in that region for the convenience of purchasing,especially for small quantity orders,please do not hesitate to inquire from us,YTM could be one of the best partners for metal supply.



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